Must Have Fridays- Versatile Vases (Take Two!)

Ha Ha….. if you are an email follower you saw the post that went out by mistake yesterday and we must say it was quite funny and a little embarrassing!!!   If you haven’t subscribed by email yet, you must do this now as we are known to do goofy things from time to time and that was one of them!!  Lots of laughs….  Anyway…. on to the post!!!

When buying new accessories it’s always nice to buy things that are versatile, and pretty.  Today, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite versatile vases and how you can mix them up depending on the season or area of the house you are featuring them in.  Vases are usually pretty inexpensive ways to dress up tables, bookshelves or really anywhere you find an empty spot in your house that needs a little color.  Check out some of these finds and see which versatile vases you need in your home!


Here’s a fun, very versatile vase we found at Cest Moi.  You can use it as a vase….


Or remove the top and use it as a bowl….. Genius!!!!



Here’s a favorite of ours… and this vase can be found just about anywhere. Looks great with seasonal stems!



Love how this one is used to showcase a bracelet collection.  Pop one of these in your closet and you are organized in no time.  Talk about versatility!!!


Which of these versatile vases is your favorite?


Ashley& Shannon



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