Acrylic and Gold

One amazing combination of materials we love, that is popping up everywhere, is acrylic and gold. You can find this duo in light fixtures, trays, end tables… pretty much any object you need for your home. You may ask yourself, what exactly is acrylic and why are these pieces usually pretty pricey?  Well we did a little research ourselves and here’s what we found….

“What makes Acrylic Furniture so valuable?”

“Acrylic is made in sheets.  The thicker the sheet, the more expensive, and difficult it is to maintain the crystal clear quality that its sought after for.  Also, because it’s made primarily from petroleum, its price is related directly to the price of oil.  Lastly, most acrylic furniture, and all of AVF’s pieces are not only made by hand, but the steps needed to make an AVF piece require them to be.” source

What is the difference between Acrylic and Lucite?….. you may also ask.  Well it turns out nothing.  Same materials, just called different names.  They are both a type of plastic, just a thicker, higher quality.

Well that pretty much answered a lot of our questions on this fabulous material we love putting into ours, and our clients homes.  Check out some of these fabulous finds and try out this hot combination for yourself!!


Fanchone Bar Stool– ON SALE!!!  $135



Novo Acrylic Folding Table– $149



Joss & Main Mirror- $269


Acrylic Curtain Rod– Ballard’s Design $49




Kate Spade Stapler– $28


World Market Bar Tools– ON SALE!!  $13


Do you have any acrylic and gold pieces in your home?


Ashley& Shannon

2 thoughts on “Acrylic and Gold

  1. Cheers from Memphis to the delightfully fresh Brentwood Home Stagers-
    from a former 615 resident ( happily tucked in between years in Coastal California, New York, Connecticut & North Carolina! )

    Enjoying the posts and all it offers to “not yet” clients!
    Fun flair, cool vision! With a nice mix of trend-setting creativity alongside your appreciative nod to tradition. And consideration to varying budgetary realities and personal taste preferences.

    KUDOS to Brentwood Home Stagers, Ashley & Shannon!
    Style~ you’re ON IT
    Your Blog~ I’m on it

    Will be following along… with confidence some great ideas will follow your great approach to style!

    Looking forward,

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