Must Haves Friday- The Brentwood Christmas Crawl

Our Must Haves Friday post is all about the Brentwood Christmas Crawl going on now!  If you’ve ever participated in this fun event you will know the deals are great and so are the shops.  Over the past 10 years, Brentwood has grown and evolved when it comes to shopping options.  Greenhills was once the only option when it came to upscale shopping experiences, but now with the addition of the Hill Center Brentwood, the possibilities have greatly improved in our city.  These new additions, plus the established shops we all know and love, have given us more great shopping choices than ever before!! The way this crawl works is, you stop by the first shop and get a card, and each stop after you will get a stamp from that retailer until you collect all 14 stamps.  This is a great way to visit some of these shops maybe you’ve never been in and you are entered to win some fabulous prizes.  One of us won this in the past and trust us, the prizes are great!  The crawl is going on today and tomorrow so get out there and discover some new favorites or just visit your old standbys and check out the great deals and refreshments all these places will be offering.  Click here for more information.  Maybe we’ll see you there!!!


Which of these stores are you excited about visiting?


Ashley& Shannon

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