Must Haves Friday- Fairy Lights

Our must-have‘s Friday post today is all about fairy lights!  These tiny, twinkling little strands of light can add big impact when placed throughout your house this season! We love to use these lights year round, but there are certain places during the Christmas season you can really use them throughout your house to add warmth and sparkle to your decor. Pick these lights up at any craft store, as well as Target, Home Depot etc. and you will get big use out of them this season and throughout the year. We’re also including a quick DIY for making fairy light ornaments.  So check out some of our favorite ways to use these lights and pick some up for yourself. Trust us you’ll be glad you did!



Throw some in a bowl with some greenery and pretty ornaments.  Just cover up the battery case with some light colored ribbon!


Drap some over a headboard to give the room instant Christmas charm.  As a bonus, when placed in a child’s room, there is added light at night to fall asleep to!



When added to a kid’s Christmas tree, there is no electrical cords to worry about if you use a battery operated strand!



We spotted these gorgeous Christmas ornaments strung with fairy lights in a high end store and they were quite pricey.  Of course, we decided immediately to try to recreate the look ourselves.  Here’s a quick tutorial on how we pulled this look off and you can too for a fraction of the price!


We bought this box, (super banged up we might add!!), of glass ornaments from Joann’s for just a few dollars.


Pulled out the tops and pushed the fairy lights down into the ball.



Replace the tops and leave equal amounts of lights in between each ornament.  So easy and inexpensive!!!


We placed these on our white Christmas tree, but the possibilities are endless on where you can use these throughout your home!

Fairy lights….. must haves for Christmas and throughout the year!!

How will you use fairy lights this season???


Ashley& Shannon

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