Let’s Get Organized!

A Home Stagers favorite topic……. organization!!!!  We all know one of the most important things to start with when you are thinking of listing your home, or just having guests over, is to organize all the day to day chaos we all live with.  When it comes to accomplishing this, think of starting in small spaces and working your way around the home.  Start with closets, pantries or bathrooms, and move on to living spaces and garages.  If you see improvements in one space, you will be more motivated to move to the larger rooms.  Once you have a spot for everything, you will find it is easier to keep clean.  So why not start today with small areas in your house and before you know it, your house will be show ready!

Here’s a few items and ideas to start with…..



Pantry…. Try these containers and personalized labels to achieve this look.



Closets…. We love these baskets to organize closet clutter (and they have chalkboard labels you can personalize)



Living Areas….  These baskets make toy and clutter pick up a breeze..and they are on wheels for easy mobility!


Garage….. Try these buckets and labels to get amazing garage organization


Which of these ideas are you going to tackle in your home?


Ashley& Shannon

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