Friday Must Haves- A Trip to Lexington, KY

There’s a chill in the air and a long holiday week is around the corner… there’s no better time than now to take a drive up to Lexington, Kentucky!  We love going up there for Keeneland in the Spring or Fall,  but you would be amazed at how fun this bustling, hip city is in the winter as well.  We took a weekend to go up to Lexington and check out some of the sites last Saturday and came across a new area that has been revitalized called the Distillery District.  This area, home to James E. Pepper’s distillery built on this site in 1879, has now been made over to a great stop for restaurants, bars and distilleries.  The history of the area is really cool and you can read about how the Pepper family began distilling their whiskey back in the 1700’s here.  If you love a historic restoration project like we do, then you definitely want to stop by this unique little area just outside of downtown.  Here’s a run down of this must see stop next time you are in Lexington.


An outside pic of James E. Pepper Distillery.  We absolutely love the old architecture of these buildings.


Stop by for a quick tour of the Barrel House Distillery who shares a part of the larger James E. Pepper campus.


There are two really good restaurants to grab a bite before taking the tours.  Middle Fork is a little nicer but still very kid friendly.


Goodfellas’s pizza is another great option if you want more casual fare.


James E. Pepper’s is a tour not to be missed!!!  The new owner found the plans for the original distillery and has revilitized this legendary Lexington landmark mostly true to its past.


Our tour guide found a favorite barrel of his and gave us all a taste!


They hand dip each bottle in dark green wax to seal them shut for distribution.


After taking the tour, visit  Crank & Boom for some really yummy, and unique ice cream treats.


A cup of deliciousness from Crank & Boom.


The kids had a blast in the selfie room!!


The Break Room is the original break room for the distillery workers back in the day.  It has now been turned into a really cool bar.


Inside the Break Room.


They are in the process of revitalizing this old rickhouse……where they used to store the barrels of whiskey while they aged.  We can’t wait to see what they do with this historic building.



Last but not least, for the folks who need a break from the whiskey, Ethereal Brewery  is onsite brewing their own selection of craft beers.


We hope you enjoyed the tour!!!! Will you be visiting Lexington anytime soon?


Ashley& Shannon

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