Decorating for the Holidays….on a Budget!

Today’s post is all about how to decorate on budget this holiday season!  It’s as easy as stepping outside to find inspiration to fill your house with fragrant touches of nature you probably have in your backyard.  One of our favorite ways to decorate throughout the year is by using greenery inside the house, and the holidays are a great time to utilize some of the natural pieces we find outside and bring them in. Today were going to show you some fun ways to use nature’s beauty to add those finishing touches to your home this season. The best part about it is it’s practically free!!

IMG_0323 (1)

If you are lucky enough to have a magnolia tree in your yard, or have a generous neighbor who will let you cut some branches, stick a few of these in garland you can purchase at your local store.  The magnolia adds layers and dimension to an otherwise pretty skimpy strand of garland.  You can easily attach these branches with the floral wire shown below.  Wrap a strand of lights around this to add a whimsical touch to the look.


We use this floral wire for all sorts of projects!  Its inexpensive, super useful, and lasts a long time.  Find it at your local craft stores.


Tie together branches of magnolia with the floral wire and attach to the top of your mailbox.  Add wired ribbon and bows for instant and beautiful mailbox swag.


Now bring the outdoors in, by adding springs of magnolia to ornaments and decor you have hanging around your home.  This is a wooden ornament we hung above an entryway mirror.  We added fake mistletoe and real magnolia to give it more depth.


Take natural branches and sticks you find lying around your yard and spray paint them.  We used a white paint on these branches, but a silver or gold would look amazing this time of year!


Here we took a few cuts of cypress from our backyard and we tucked them into this white bud vase.  It smells amazing!!!!


We found a four pack of these adorable little bud vases on sale at JoAnn’s for $4.50!  These were from the wedding section.


This is a spring of fake greenery we used on a table top display.  Tuck real, or fake, greenery into your decor to give it an instant festive feel.


Here’s another example of where we used fake springs in a bowl to give it some color and variety.


These ideas are easy, and a very affordable way to add that instant pop of nature to your holiday decor this season. They’re practically free, and look and smell amazing, so go out and find your inspiration today!


Will you try this beautiful, budget decor this season???


Ashley& Shannon

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