Must Haves Friday- Themed Christmas Trees

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree… how we love thee! One of us, maybe more than the other, since we have five full-size trees in one house! It’s just so hard to have one tree these days, especially if you like to travel or like to decorate like we do.  Today we’re going to share some of these themed trees and maybe inspire you to step out this year and decorate a themed tree of your own. There are so many fun ways to decorate these trees with unique ornaments and keepsakes you collect from your travels, or from just around town. So sit back and take a tour of these five themed trees and let us know which one is your favorite!


The Local Tree

This tree is filled with fun Nashville/Brentwood items we’ve collected from local shops here in town.  This is a fun tree for out of town guests to see a little bit of what we love about Nashville!




The University/Favorite Sports Team Tree

These are great trees to showcase some of your favorite sports team’s swag.  Just stick poms, helmets and footballs/basketballs you have lying around.  Looks great in a man cave!!



IMG_0390 (5)

The Collectable Tree

Lots of people collect things, we just happen to collect Christopher Radko ornaments.  If you have a collection of items you like to show off, why not nestle them in a tree this season for all to enjoy?




The Monochromatic Tree

Even though the color was hard to capture in these pictures, this tree is essentially all white with touches of blush and metal.  Make a statement by decorating a tree all in one color scheme.  It will stand out!!




The Family Tree

Of course the favorite, most special tree of them all…… the family tree.  This is the only real tree in the house and we all go as a family to pick this special tree out each year.  The kids make memories as this is the one tree, year after year, we put up together and share stories of the past years and the ornaments they made or the trips we went on.  We have a tradition of getting an ornament from every trip we take, and having everyone, friends and family alike, who are traveling with us sign it.  It is fun to go back each year and remember those trips with friends and family.

So there it is,  lots of different ideas on how you can “branch” out this year and create a themed tree of your own!!


Do you have any themed trees in your house?

Ashley& Shannon

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