Must Haves Fridays- Label Makers

This month we are really focusing on getting our homes in order after the chaos of the holidays, and one easy way to do this is by purchasing a label maker.  We received one of these for Christmas and we have already been putting it to good use!  You may already have one yourself, but if you don’t, we would highly suggest this one…



You can find this on Amazon for just $29.99!


This label maker, from Brother, is super affordable and easy to use!  You can truly label anything that sits still long enough….  we know we have!!  So check out some of the ways we have used this must have tool, and get to labeling in your home.  You won’t believe all the ways you will use it!



Do you have spray bottles lying around you’ve placed a cleaner in?  Label them with these waterproof stickers to avoid using the wrong product!


img_0902 (1)

What about extra hotel toiletries you ‘ve collected on your travels.  If you have an empty drawer, place them in containers and label them so they are easy to find for those out of town house guests.



Work from home or just need to organize your home office?  Labeling folders makes them look neat and keeps you from looking through endless stacks of papers.



Like the look of the glass spice bottles but want to have certain favorite spices displayed?  Label the bottles for an attractive and easy to access spice rack.


There are so many different ways to use this tool.  From labeling kids’ sippy cups and clothing, to labeling light switches in a new or rental home, you will find countless ways to use this around the house.  Once you have one, you will wonder how you lived without it!

Do you like to have things labeled in your home?

Ashley& Shannon

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