Let’s get to cleaning!

So as you all know, we are focusing this month on getting our homes, and lives, organized!  Once you start getting things decluttered, you may noticed some deep cleaning is in order.  After the guests from the holidays have long gone, you might see some dirt and stains have been left behind on your floors.  We have hardwoods throughout the house, but if you don’t, or you have super light colored area rugs like we do, you may spot a few stains popping out here or there.  Well never fear, we have just the solution for you!  Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to have those carpets professionally cleaned, just rent a handy steam cleaner from your neighborhood Kroger!

IMG_0906 (1).jpg

We rented this steam cleaner the other day for just $34.99 and let us tell you, it’s so worth it!  For a super affordable price you can keep this cleaner for 24 hours and steam clean until your hearts desire. You can clean carpets, upholstered furniture, car mats, you name it, and get rid of those deep set stains.  However, there are some downsides to this do it yourself cleaning project.



A) You have to buy the solution….. not a bad inconvenience but it is extra money and a step you may not realize you needed…..

B) The steam cleaner is a little heavy and awkward to put into your car.  Make sure you have a big trunk to put it in and see if the sweet people who work at Kroger will help you get it in your car.

C) You can only keep it for 24 hours.  We would literally steam clean anything that sits still long enough, so for us it was hard to give it up the next day.

After all that we still feel like this is such a good deal it is totally worth it to go rent one again.  Just go up to the customer service desk at Kroger, give them your ID, and they will get the steam cleaner out for you.  It’s really simple to use, and if you are clean fanatics like us, you might actually have fun!!  If your carpets need a good deep clean, go try one for yourself.  Your floors will thank you!

Would you try steam cleaning yourself?


Ashley& Shannon

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