Must Haves Friday- A Pretty Pantry!!!

This was going to be our post this past Wednesday but we have been super busy lately and didn’t get around to posting.  So we thought why not make it into a Must Haves Friday post!!??




These fun containers are truly must haves in our pantries because we really need some organization there, particularly when it comes to all the food we purchase with growing boys in our families.  How often do you find you open a bag of chips and it goes stale or dumps out all over the shelves?  Sure you can use a little chip clip, but OXO containers are so much more streamlined and they keep your open food fresher longer!


Find a set of 5 for $49 at Bed Bath & Beyond.  Don’t forget to use a coupon!!!

Now let’s talk about the coffee situation.  It’s usually hot mess once the bag is opened up and there are coffee grinds falling out all over the place in our already crowded pantries.



These fabulous, clear glass containers, are pretty easy to find online.


Here are some from Amazon.


Add some amazing custom labels to make your pantry super organized.  Here are some similar to ours on Etsy.

So why not take this weekend and while you’re watching the Super Bowl, or not watching the game just the commercials….organize your pantry with some of these must have containers to make it look picture perfect….  and keep your food fresh and organized!!


Which of these ideas is your favorite?

Ashley& Shannon

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