Must Haves Friday- Ladders and Baskets

This time of year we love to snuggle up in a warm, cozy blanket but sometimes the blankets can get out of control. Especially if you have a bit of an addiction to buying such blankets!! Today we want to share a few must haves you will absolutely adore and they are fun ways to organize your cozy throws. Ladders and baskets are great options to stow away your blankets and give your room great textures and even pops of color. So take a peek at some ways you can decorate with your favorite throws and incorporate ladders or baskets into your decor to help you keep your home organized and beautiful!!



How we use these useful “must haves” in our homes…


Beautiful basket and throw from CB2



Joanna Gaines made the farmhouse ladder a staple in blanket decor.  Why not buy straight from the source!  Magnolia Home– $74



Another option from Wayfair– $82


We are loving the clean lines of this basket from West Elm– $89


When you are out and about, be on the lookout for decorative and useful baskets or ladders that catch your eye.  You will find so many ways to use these pieces throughout your home and you’ll love how organized you will be!

Which of these “must haves” do you find most useful??

Ashley& Shannon

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