Standout Shelving

We missed posting yesterday but we think you’ll see why when we share all the fun upcoming projects we have been working on! Today we want to share a project we finished up last week for a client who recently moved to town. She has a lot of items still in their old house, but had a few personal things she wanted showcased on her built in bookshelves. Many people struggle with placements on bookshelves but never fear, we can help!!! By rearranging and grouping similar items we can really feature existing pieces or fill in with some fun new treasures we pick up from our vendors. Here’s few before and afters of our latest work…


Here we were able to rearrange the homeowner’s existing pieces to make the shelving look more symmetrical.

IMG_0896 (1)


Next we took her almost empty shelving and added some new unique, yet personal pieces. Some were the homeowners, and some were purchased. The custom ordered books make it extra special and personalized for the family.


We’d love to work with you!!!! Let us know if you need help showcasing your unique pieces to make your shelving really stand out in your home!

Ashley& Shannon

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