Restoration Project

Last week was super busy with the install of not one, but two beautiful new builds in the Charlotte Park area of Nashville…. more on those later in the week. One huge project we worked on was the restoring of these four lovely chairs we snagged for just $5/piece!!! Now we know not everyone would see these for what they once were, but when we spotted them we knew we had to have them. Here’s a before picture of the chairs….

Worn out finishing and even more worn faux leather seating had most people passing these up but not us!! We love the challenge…..and a challenge they were. We removed the seats and then it was time to work on the wood. The stain was seriously set in and it took several days and lots of work to get this finish off with the orbital sander.

Here’s the one we use.

Once we took all the stain off, it took another sanding with a medium grade sandpaper, and then another sanding with a fine grain. Then we could finally see the beauty these once were. Now it was time to put the stain on.


We used a one coat Rustoleum stain in Cognac to give these chairs a rich color that set in an hour. Then we put the final coat of a semi gloss clear polyurethane .  Shew!!!  Once those were finished we recovered the chairs in deep velvety green that just begs to be sat on. Once we reattached the seats to the chairs we were in love with how they turned out!!

Brought back to their old glory we will be using these beauties time and time again. What do you think of our restoration project??

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