Two Gorgeous Homes!!

We have not one but two, fully furnished staging projects we recently completed we’d like to share with you today. These homes are polar opposites but both beautiful and we feel the staging really fit the home’s personalities!  This first home is a 1950’s ranch house in West Meade. This house has tremendous character and the location can’t be beat!  See below for pictures and follow the link if your interested in checking it out in person.

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101 Haverford Drive- Nashville

This next home is a new construction home in the North Charlotte neighborhood. This house went under contract the day after we staged it so they didn’t even have time for professional pictures!!  Take a look at the pictures we have and check out the link for more info on the house and the builders.

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6370 Ivy-Nashville

What do you think of these two very different, but very beautiful homes?

Ashley& Shannon

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