Flowers for Mother’s Day

What mother doesn’t like to receive flowers for Mother’s Day????  We know we love the smell and look of a fresh bouquet of flowers, and nothing says Spring more than some fresh florals for your home.  Today we have some ideas on how to make a special arrangement for the Moms in your life.  We like to mix real and faux florals to give some variations to the arrangements, and when the real ones die, you still have the faux steams.  Just mix in a few more real ones to give it a fresh look!  If you buy good faux florals, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.   Look at the following pictures and see if you can guess which ones are faux.


We mixed in some faux florals here from Color in Greenhills.

Here’s a variety of stems from Color as well as The Linen Duck in Colombia. This fabulous vase is from Linen Duck also!

This vase is a plain glass vase we painted with gold leaf paint. It really dresses up the arrangement.  Set it out on a tray with a candle and coasters. This is one of our favorite candles from Spruce!

This fun pop of color with the navy and blue container really says Spring.  We got this for a steal at TJ Maxx!


What do you think of mixing faux with fresh florals???

Ashley& Shannon



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