Fall Curb Appeal!

The weather is cooling off a little and now is the perfect time to get those Fall planters out and looking picture perfect.  We talk a lot about curb appeal, and as as many of you know, that along with outdoor living spaces can really make a home.  We stumbled upon a wonderful spot to purchase mums and the most amazing selection of pumpkins this side of Highway 96 this week!  We couldn’t help but stop at J.T. Moore Elementary off Granny White Pike in Davidson County and we found the best selection of mums and pumpkins we’ve ever seen.  Now I’m sure some you have may have your go to spots as well, but this one is so convenient to Williamson and Davidson Counties it is hard not to stock up here.  They have every style, color, and shape of pumpkins you can imagine and the prices aren’t bad either!  We hope you find some inspiration from this post and maybe take a drive by this week and pick up some Fall color for yourselves.   (Just make sure you bring cash or check as they don’t accept credit/debit cards.)  Also as always, check out our Pinterest board to get endless ideas on how to arrange these gorgeous Fall planters to give your house maximum curb appeal this season.  Happy Planting!!





Find your inspiration……






We love placing these ornamental peppers in containers this time of year.  You can find these at Home Depot or Lowes and they can handle the early Fall heat as well!



All inspiration images via Pinterest 


Where is your go to spot for Fall curb appeal?


Ashley& Shannon

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